About Us

MAHITA, a term derived from ancient Indian scriptures, means regeneration. Mahita is a team of committed individuals who formed in to a group in 1995 to initiate development interventions in the urban slum slums of Hyderabad. Mahita's ideal is to generate development that is socially just, economically viable and culturally vibrant and true to the area and regional ethos.

Mahita consists of team of social scientists with substantial experience in gender, education, human rights, livelihood and humanitarian work. Mahita strive to create an opportunities to poor and marginalized, with special focus on girls for their development with dignity and respect.


All the children, irrespective caste, creed, religion, ethnicity and color have access to all the development opportunities and realize their rights.


Every child, especially the girl, is a potential adult who contributes to the society. A child therefore needs to be given all opportunities and resources for overall development and growth.

Core Philosophy

Promoting education amongst the children especially the girl children, who are out of the school will be the important tool in brining changes in the lives of any vulnerable communities and groups.


MAHITA believes that “Our future…children of tomorrow… have the best opportunities when they, their families and communities are educated and empowered.

Our Values

Transparent and accountable practices, a good governance structure ensuring gender equality, non-discrimination and protection policies, towards achieving the objectives of the organization.


  • Protect fundamental rights of all the poor and marganilized community to ensure enhanced quality of life.
  • Provide and facilitate opportunities for all the children to access quality and relevant education without any discrimination, socio, economic, cultural obligations.
  • Promote and facilitate equal opportunities for girl children and women for enhancing opportunities of development.

Legal Profile

  • Registered as Non-governmental Organization, under Public Societies Registration Act, 1340, Government of Andhra Pradesh on 22nd October, 1994 and the Registration No: 5238/94
  • Registered with Ministry of Home Affairs for receiving foreign funds under Registration No.: 010230388
  • Registered with Income Tax Department, Government of India on  29-1-1998 as a non-profit Organization and the Registration No: I/12A&80G/435/97-98, for tax exemption, renewal dated 10-9-2007 vide reference no. DIT(E)/Hyd 80G/80(04)/07/08

MAHITA has been awarded with National Child Health Award, 2009, by Lifebuoy on 4th September, 2009, for its outstanding work in the field of Education for the children in urban slums of Hyderabad.