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Mahita is working towards bringing working children, school dropouts, especially girls and never-enrolled children back in to mainstream schools. It partners with government, private sector, CBOs, NGOs and Children. It has established learning cum educational centres in low income neighbourhoods for improving the learning levels of the children, who are studying Government Schools in their neighbourhoods. The education program aims at eradicating child labour and increasing school enrollment and retention, especially amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable in the community. The education program also focuses on; Early Childhood Care and Development(ECCD) for the children from the Migrant Failies working in Construction sites, Tribal and Rural Schools. This includes to focuses on promoting child focused, gender sensitive and friendly learning environment. Due to the Organisation efforts the enrollments in the schools have seen a considerable improvement, the concern on imparting quality education is still persisting. Towards addressing the quality education, Mahita has established the Resource Centre in the Project areas in collaboration with Schools.

Mahita is also working with Adolescents on Secondary Education and Enabling Secondary Education and Employability for Out-of-School Adolescents in Minority Slums of Hyderabad, for out-of-school adolescents in a minority low income setting (with proportional focus on girls) to acquire secondary level certification along with employable ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills. Mahita is supporting out-of-school adolescents with scholastic support as well as non-cognitive and vocational skills to prepare them to meet the challenges of adulthood from a position of strength. Open school learning pathways to secondary certification will be leveraged through Community Resource Centres established in the Slums.