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The Community Livelihood Centres are providing the Vocational Skills among the deprived sections of the communities and enhance the employment skills and create more entreprenership opportunities for the youth in the urban slums as well as other areas, where Mahita is working. The initiatives are channelize the energies of disadvantaged youth towards socially purposefully and economically beneficial for them and their families, through providing the skills and enhancing their employment opportunities.

The Community Livelihood Centres are also used as career counseling, information and guidance services by expanding the role of the community forums. Mahita’s support and guidance extended to the grups not only during the training period but also in getting suitable employmenet opportunities. Training in livelihood skills is not only creating employment opportunities for the young girls, but is also enhancing their self-confidence and their bargaining skills. It even enhances the decision making process of women in general and young girls in particular in addressing their health and social issues.



Accessing technical education, especially computer education, is a dream for many young children in the slums. To make the dream of these girls in the slums come true, Mahita is running Computer Centres in the slum areas. Through Computer Centres Mahita is able to reach many Young Girls for providing Computer Literacy skills and provide cycber skills to the Young Girls more imoortantly it widen the horizon of the conservative and traditional mindsets of the adolescent girls. It opens up a brand new world of opportunities to these young girls from the narrow confines of their limited thinking.



Towards addressing the child labour and vulnerability among the families. Mahita is reaching 600 vulnerable families in every year through establishing the Livelihood Units for supporting matching grant. The organisation’s strategy also has a livelihood support component which has provided vulnerable families with livelihood support to improve the school retention rates of vulnerable and rescued /rehabilitated children.Livelihood support to the vulnerable families in the project is creating lot of viable impact towards; i) sending their children to school regularly, ii) establishment of their own entreprenership, iii) develop the linkages, iv) enhancing their family income, v) developing their knowledge on marketing skills etc.,  The Livelihood Support Units are yielding very good results and creating very positive impact among the target groups. It’s not only supporting to the vulnerable children education but also enhancing the family income.

In Adilabad, the livelihood support programme has been launched in collaboration with NABARD and the district ITDA, to promote horticulture and so far, 500 acres of land have been brought under orchard plantations under this programme. Successfully completed 500  acres plantation &  trainings on livelihoods  Formation of VDCs in all the 17 villages, all these villages  got bank linkage through our interventions. Support from agriculture department, KVK Adilabad, ITDA utnoor in providing need based trainings to farmers. Support from the mandal  parishad development department through EGS staff.